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B-Flex Gimme5 EVO


B-Flex Gimme5 HTV Series


B-FLEX Gimme5 Heat Transfer Vinyl

Applies at 285F in 4 seconds.
Hot Peel.
True matte finish heat transfer vinyl with a sticky-backed carrier for easy cutting & weeding, even fine details!
Compatible with most fabrics. (We recommend cotton, poly or mixed)
High Resistance to washing and drying cycles with B-FLEX Gimme5 HTV.


This is B-FLEX HTV’s flagship heat transfer vinyl product and is designed to be transferred on either organic or synthetic fibers in only four seconds. The GIMME5 EVO heat transfer vinyl is only 80 microns thick and its stretchiness, durability and design gives it a pleasant feel and is ideal for any premium HTV projects.

GIMME5 EVO provides solutions to common B-FLEX HTV problems

Are you constantly running into the same problems and complications with the heat transfer vinyl you’re currently using? With the B-FLEX GIMME5 HTV EVO Series of heat transfer vinyl at B-FLEX HTV, we abolish all the common problems that you consistently run into while completing HTV projects.

Get rid of the old-school cover sheet when you’re pressing and completing layers on your heat transfer vinyl project with the GIMME5 EVO vinyl options at B-FLEX HTV. Our flagship vinyl product is manufactured to make your life easier throughout the entire heat transfer vinyl process. We recommend low-heat and low pressing times that not only make your products look better but increase overall efficiency. With B-FLEX GIMME5 HTV, we keep it simple and easy with the lowest temperatures and highest quality vinyl products on the market.


Contact Topp Transfers and start using the best heat transfer vinyl available on the market. Our lower heat temperatures and premium HTV, B-FLEX vinyl products allow us to offer clients the best option available regarding heat transfer vinyl. Our GIMME5 EVO will instantly propel your business and projects to the next level.

GIMME5 EVO is B-FLEX HTV’s flagship product. It is available in over 60 colors and made from Polyurethane. It can be heat applied on organic or synthetic fibers in just four seconds.

This product is easy to work with; the sticky polyester carrier allows for fast weeding and easy repositioning of details that might have accidentally been removed.

It is also soft and comfortable to wear, even with bulky designs.
Its thickness (80 micron) and its elasticity make GIMME5 EVO pleasant and soft on any garment, and ideal for multi-layer applications. GIMME5 EVO can withstand wash cycles up to 90°C.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
HTV Gimme5 Colors

BF 700a White, BF 728a Lemon Yellow, BF 720a Medium Yellow, BF 722a Pumpkin Yellow, BF 727a Ocra Yellow, BF 734a Orange, BF 733a Carrot Orange, BF 735a Coral Red, BF 732a Flame Red, BF 730a Red, BF 762a Bordeaux, BF 737a Blush Pink, BF 731a Icy Pink, BF 736a Pink, BF 765a Flamingo Pink, BF 738a Cyclamen, BF 739a Velvet Red, BF 761a Aubergine, BF 777a Blackberry, BF 770a Purple, BF 767a Orchid Purple, BF 745a Periwinkle, BF 748a Navy Blue, BF 747a Midnight Blue, BF 742a Electric Blue, BF 740a Royal Blue, BF 743a Lilac, BF 744a Light Blue, BF 746a Sky Blue, BF 741a Powder Blue, BF 749a Icy Blue, BF 751a Lime Green, BF 752a Apple Green, BF 754a Grass Green, BF 750a Green, BF 780a Forest Green, BF 781a Olive Green, BF 788a Mint Green, BF 787a Light Turquoise, BF 783a Aquamarine, BF 782a Turquoise, BF 760a Brown, BF 764a Leather, BF 769a Caramel Beige, BF 763a Cappuccino, BF 768a Sand, BF 766a Beige, BF 712a Light Grey, BF 714a Grey, BF 710a Black, BF 796a Silver, BF 795a Graphite, BF 794a Copper, BF 793a Bronze, BF 792a Gold, BF FLUO20a Neon Yellow, BF FLUO30a Neon Orange, BF FLUO40a Neon Pink, BF FLUO46a Neon Blue, BF FLUO50a Neon Green

15" HTV Width

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First Wash: Wait 12 hours after application
Max. Wash Temp: 90° C
Dry Clean: Yes
Softener: Yes
Bleach: Yes
Dryer: Yes


Cricut Explorer: Vinyl

Cricut Maker: Iron On

Silhouette Cameo 4: Blade: 2 Speed: 5 Force: 14 Pass:1

Silhouette Cameo 3 (Autoblade): Blade: 2 Speed: 5 Force: 14 Pass: 1

US Cutter Prism: Force: 100 Speed: 300

US Cutter MH Series: Force: 100 Speed: 300


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